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Feel the beat of the drums and watch the power and strength of capoeira!
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The Capoeira and Drumming Show


The Capoeira and Drumming Show caters for:

      • Corporate Events
      • Weddings and Birthdays
      • Private Functions
      • Roving & Parading
      • Photo Booth Hosts
      • Promotions & Product Launches
      • Commercials & Advertising


Show Package examples:

The Capoeira and Drumming Show – Capoeira is an energetic and beautiful African-Brazillian Martial Art. This vibrant martial art combines strength, agility, flexibility, balance, self-confidence, rhythm, music and tradition. It is the story of the fight for freedom, rooted in the rich African culture brought to Brazil by slaves and is showcased with the fast paced play combat in which it is famous for. The type of drumming is based on Brazilian and African styles, it is rhythmic, cultural and tells a story. This can be designed to match your event, from a 15-30 minute show, and can include samba dancers who dance naturally to these drums!

Drumming Parade - Hire our drummers to parade, welcome and get that attention! Requires a minimum of 2 drummers, more drummers required for larger events. 2-15 drummers available.

Drumming Workshops – Perfect for corporate workshops or team building events, get our professional drummers to come out you and teach your staff how to play a variety of Brazilian and African instruments. When they are play in harmony, your team will feel a great sense of achievement.

Capoeira Show and Classes – Capoeira is for everyone. We have instructors that can showcase this art and give you a basic lesson. This is more fitness based type of group activity.

Special Requests - We are glamorous and mesmerizing no matter what we're doing! Get us in for your Corporate Photobooth, to welcome in your guests, to rove and fill the atmosphere, to hand out gifts or drinks.

We tailor our professional services to your requirements! Our dancers are professional and family friendly. With over 10 years of industry experience, we ensure your event runs smoothly and flawless. Book Paradizo and bring your event to life!


The Capoeira and Drumming can offer:

      • 2 minute to 30 minute shows
      • 2 dancer to 15 dancers / drummers
      • Samba and Latin Dancers
      • Latin Bands, Singers, DJs and MCs



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